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Tube chain conveyor
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A tube chain conveyor is a convenient way for conveying bulk material from one location to another, and also multi-axially.

Tube chain conveyorsare used for transporting, feeding, dosing, distributing and discharging pourable bulk materials.

The enclosed construction ensures that the material is transported in a dust free and non-polluting way.

A high degree of self cleaning is achieved by the technique applied as well as by the specially designed stations, in particular the tensioning station with its tensioning technique.

Tube-chain Conveyor can transport different types of bulk materials without any undue mixing of products or destruction of grains.

By using different plant component, it is largely possible to adapt the conveyor arrangement to local conditions, i.e. one plant can be arranged at various operating levels.

The arrangement can for instance be horizontal, vertical or circular, or a combination of these. The Tube Chain conveyor Can convey material multi-dimensionally at a time.

Change in position can be effected horizontally and or/ vertically by tube bends and /or deflection stations.

The material chosen for the transport discs screwed on support discs to a round link chain depends in particular on the design parameters; i.e. the properties of the material to be transported and the temperature.

Tube-chain conveyors are designed for transporting material volumetrically from the inlet to the outlet in the transport tube.

The customer alone is responsible for the correctness of the bulk material and operational parameters on which the design of the plant is based, and has to ensure that these parameters are observed when the plant is in operation.

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